Under The Sea

Mermaid Skirt: Amazon | Top: Target | Alex’s Top: ASOS | Alex’s Shoes: Sperry’s | Alex’s Pants: Calvin Klein | Arm Tattoos: Amazon | Hair Extensions: Luxy Hair | Colored Hair Extensions: Amazon | Sea Shells for Top: Amazon & Amazon | Pipe: Amazon | Hat: Amazon

Halloween is our jam! We (I) love to think up costumes and bring them to life. Alex usually just goes along with my ideas because he is a good sport haha. This mermaid costume was one of my favorites I have ever done.  I didn’t want to wash my sparkles and makeup off at the end of the night! I ordered almost everything last minute on amazon which made it super low stress. Thank you for being invented Amazon! Gotta love that site.

Alex is seriously amazing at crafting and designing things (what is he not good at, really?). He glued all of the sea shells onto my top while I was wearing it to make sure it would look right. He burned himself with the hot glue a few dozen times but only managed to burn me once. Again, he is such a good sport :) Somehow I will have to top this costume next year.



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