‘Tis the Season

Marble Wrapping Paper: Heart Swell Co. | Polka Dot Kraft Paper: Target | Grey & Red Velvet Ribbon: eabdesigns | Gift Tags: Target

Few things in life bring me the same amount of joy as delivering a perfectly wrapped gift to someone that I know they are going to love. I love spending months thinking about the perfect gift for someone and I love even more wrapping it all up in the chicest way.

I found the CUTEST, highest quality wrapping paper on Etsy a few weeks ago and I have to share! I don’t think I am going to let people rip it off when they open their gift. I will probably force them to save it haha. It’s from Heart Swell Co. and you can shop them on Etsy. Also, can we just talk about Etsy for a minute?!? Who else has an Etsy obsession? Please say it’s not just me. I practically sold my soul to Etsy while I was planning my wedding. They have so many cute, unique, hand made items. If you are trying to save money, probably don’t even browse their site because, no control.

Anyways, back to the wrapping paper. For this years theme I wanted to combine two of the biggest trends right now, velvet & marble. Isn’t this marble wrapping paper to die for?? It looks so beautiful paired with this deep red velvet ribbon, which is also from Etsy, go figure. I bought a few other designs of wrapping paper from Heart Swell Co. because I am an addict. I bought this unreal cactus print as well as this adorable floral print. I actually wrapped a few of my christmas gifts with the cactus paper after these photos were taken and paired with the kraft paper and the marble, it’s the cutest non-traditional christmas spread you’ve ever seen. I will try and share a snap on my Instagram this week.

I know it may be too late to get this wrapping paper in time for Christmas but this is the perfect time to be the fully prepared person we all wish we could be and order some paper now so that when birthdays, bridal/baby showers, or even next Christmas rolls around you will be ready to go and everyone will be in awe of how you appear to have your life together. Instead of scrambling on the way to a wedding and only having time to stop at Walmart to pick up a gift card and the cheesiest looking bag ever made. I’ve been there, and I know you all have too.

Almost all of Heart Swell Co’s designs aren’t tailored specifically for Christmas and can really be used for any occasion with the right ribbon and tags.

I can’t wait to gift these perfectly curated packages to all of my loved ones in just a few days.



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