We’ll Always Have Paris

| Dress: ASOS |

I’m a firm believer that pictures are the best souvenirs. Alex and I spent out first wedding anniversary in Paris and it was M A G I C. We had these anniversary pictures done early one morning by Michelle Wever Photography. She did an amazing job and is so sweet. It as such a quite, peaceful morning and it felt like we had the whole city to ourselves. A cold, rainy, surreal memory I will never forget. I love you Alex James!




| Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Amazon |Bag: ASOS |

The Palace of Versailles was hands down my favorite place we visited on our European trip! It was UNREAL. The day we went there it was raining the entire day and we were all extremely cold but we didn’t want to miss out on the tour of the gardens. I am so glad we stuck through it because the gardens are amazing and left me in awe! The inside of the palace is also incredible but to be honest the gardens are the real show stopper. It’s almost impossible to see the whole property in one day. There are many different areas we didn’t even get to see including the area and house where Marie Antoinette resided. Next time we go back to Paris I will definitely plant two full days to walk through and appreciate these beautiful gardens.

Being from Phoenix, where it was still 110 degrees before we left, dressing for fall and colder weather was not on my mind and man did I regret it! I figured everywhere would still be summer too so I basically only brought dresses for the entire trip. Luckily on this day when it was raining I wore a long sleeve dress that provided a little bit more warmth. Regardless, I absolutely love this dress and think it is so adorable and unique. I can already imagine the ways that I can dress it up for fall. It would be so cute with a top knot, some tights, thigh high boots & burgundy accessories!

Also, I have to take a moment and mention these sandals that I wore literally the entire trip! They were a LIFE SAVER. I always struggle when I go to Europe to find the balance between shoes that will be comfortable enough to walk around in all day but ones that don’t totally kill the vibe of my outfit. These were just that! Extremely comfortable but still stylish. I did not get one blister from these the whole 16 days, and that is saying something! Oh, and the best part is they are super affordable! Definitely check them out and order some if you are in need of comfortable walking sandals.

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